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Image is an aerial photograph of trenches and fortifications on the side of a road next to a small forest.

Image shows a battlefield with trenches and artillery shell crater with the vegitation has been completely wiped out.

Image shows a reconnaissance map of a section of Northeast France. Marked on it are areas where Photo Section # 4 has taken aerial photos of.

Caption above image reads "U.S. 4A.C. 135SQ. 4 Photo Sec. B1269 S.E. St. Jure [illegible number]89.7-238.0 21.10.18 15H 3400M 50CM." Aerial Photograph is out of focus, but shows several trench lines in fields.

Caption above image reads "U.S. 4A.C. 168 SQ. 4 Photo Sec. B1288 S.W. Blenod 375.5 231.9 21-10-18 12H 2000M 50CM." Aerial photograph shows several trench lines next to a village. There are several buildings in the left side of the photograph at theā€¦

Image shows a bunker with a cutout for viewing or a machine gun.

Images shows a bunker next gravel road. A man riding a horse on the road. Barbed wire is visible in the background.
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