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Caption on image reads "U.S.3A.C.A.S. 16th Photo Sec. -F70- Casino Garden .AM. Officers Club - 6/10/19." Caption below image reads ""Casino Garden", a quiet retreat used by American officers while off duty, the "garden" were a part of a large hotel,…

Caption below image reads ""Fort Constantine, one of the large forts built on the hills surrounding Coblenz, for the protection of the city. They were helpless against air raids." Image shows several railcars and railroad tracks infront of Fort…

caption below image reads "1st Lieut. John M. McDonald (standing) and a staff officer of the occupation air division. LT. McDonald was commander of the 16th aerial photo section during the latter part of its duty in Germany and was senior aerial…

Caption on image reads "U.S.3A.C.A.S. 16th Photo Sec. - F93-Roman Amphitheater, Trier, Ger. - 6/10/19." Image shows the ruins of a Roman amphitheater with most of the seating overgrown.

Caption on image reads "U.S.3A.C.A.S. 16th Photo Sec. -F92-Roman Amphitheater, Trier, Ger. - 6/10/19." Image shows the walkway into a ruined Roman amphitheater and it's floor.

Caption on image reads "U.S.3A.C.A.S. 16th Photo Sec. -F75- Children at Waldorf School, Ger, 6/10/19." Image shows children posing for the camera.

Writing on inside of album cover reads "My travels with the AEF carried me from Brut down to St. Maixent in central France there to Tour, there to the Zone of Advance Station, Columbe-le-Belle, there to the 2nd Day Bombing Group on the Meuse River at…

Captions read "Weissenthurm, Rhennish Prussia, Western Germany" and "HDQTR 16th Photo Section." The image shows a long building that is the headquarters of the 16th Photo Section.

Caption reads "Night photograph made on New Year's Eve 1918-1919 by Corporal Davis of the 16th Photo Section by the light of German Trench flare-rockets, Chary, France." Image shows a darkened street, flanked by houses and buildings on either side,…

Caption reads "The fate of Ware (Cpl. Sheehan, 16th Photo Sec)." Image shows a soldier kneeling at the grave of a fallen soldier. Dead trees surround him, and there is a wooden structure in the background.

Caption reads "16th Photo section trucks leaving Chary, March 17, 1919." Image shows a parked truck with an attached trailer on street in the village of Charey, France. Several soldiers are standing next to it.

Caption reads "Our Billet." Image shows a truck driving coming down the street with 4 figures surrounding it. On the left side of the photograph is a building with numerous holes on its side.

Captions read "Charey, France" and "16th Photo Sec. lorry." Image shows a parked 16th Photo Section trailer on the side of the road in front of some buildings in Charey, France.

Caption reads "Charey, France." Image shows a parked army truck on the side of the street in Charey, France. A building behind the truck has a destroyed roof.

Caption reads "The 16th Photo Section used Charey as its headquarters from Nov. 1918 to March 1919." Image is taken from the top of a hill, giving an overlook of the village.

Caption reads "Exploding trench mines near Hadonville, France. photo by Cpl. Clark and myself of the 16th Sec." Image shows an explosion in the background.

Caption reads "Sgt Tuttle of 16th Sec. on German narrow gauge engine." Image shows a figure sitting atop of the locamotive of the train.

Captions read "Partial view of 2nd Day Bombing Group, Ourches, France, Nov 5, 1918 - August 10, 1919" and "The 2nd Day Bombing Group consisting of the 100th, 163rd, and 73rd Squadrons, and the 9th and 16th Photo Sections came into action Nov 5, 1918…

Captions read "Two views of 9th & 16th Aerial Photo Sections, 2nd Day Bombers, Ourches, France. The huts were camouflaged with brush, but we burned up the brush" and or firewood after the armistice." Image shows a building covered in brush in…

Captions read "Two views of 9th & 16th Aerial Photo Sections, 2nd Day Bombers, Ourches, France. The huts were camouflaged with brush, but we burned up the brush" and or firewood after the armistice." Image shows the front of a building that is…

Caption reads "Pvt. Char. Taylor of the 16th section." Image shows a soldier sitting on some steps aboard the ship.

Caption reads "Cpl. Klenke of the 16th section." Image shows a soldier standing on those same steps.

Caption reads "arrived at Hoboken the morning of Aug. 1, 1919. The following views show the troop on the decks waiting to go to the various camps for discharge. The 16th aerial photo section went to Camp Upton with the 1st Air Squadron. The Red Cross…

Caption reads "some of the 16th Bunch." Image shows a group of soldiers waiting with their packs.

Caption reads "Taylor, Connelly, Roff, Johnem, ??, Forey, and Tuttle of the 16th section ready to leave Mitchell Field for home Aug. 8, 1919." Image shows 7 soldiers posing for a photograph.

Letter from Colonel H. Fowler commeding the 16th Photo Section's services.

Caption below image reads "B1 - 16th Photo Sec. ~ 1st Aero. Sqdn." Image shows an airfield with several buildings, motor vehicles, people, and a blimp.

Inscription on trophy reads "First Prize won by first aero Squadron and 16th Photo Section III. ARMY CORPS, Pilot 2nd Lieut. Ives Calhoun, A, Observer 1st Lieut Veech T. Baird." Image shows First Prize trophy.

Image shows four trophies, two first prizes and two second prizes.

Caption below image reads "16th Photographic Section 2nd Day Bombardment Group." Image shows the 16th Photo Section posing for an photograph. First row of men each have their cameras in their laps.
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