Rockingham Bird Club's Common Birds of Rockingham County Slide Show

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Rockingham Bird Club's Common Birds of Rockingham County Slide Show


These slides are part of the Common Birds of Rockingham County slide show which used to circulate at Massanutten Regional Library. Thank you to Rockingham Bird Club for these wonderful slides!

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Title Slide
Slide shows the title, "Common Birds of Rockingham County"

Birds Flying
Slide shows a flock of birds flying toward the sun

County Map
Slide shows map of Rockingham County, highlighting the George Washington National Forest on the west side and the Shenandoah Valley on the east side

County in State Map
Slide highlights Rockingham County within the state of Virginia

View of Massanutten Mountain
Slide shows the Massanutten Mountain overlooking a large field

View of the Blue Ridge Mountains
Slide shows the Blue Ridge Mountains as seen from the top of Massanutten Mountain

Farm Scene
Slide shows a large farm with a large red barn and two corn silos, surrounded by a large field

Hardwoods and Evergreens
Slide shows hardwood and evergreen trees

Slide shows a hedgerow in an enclosed field

Slide shows a cornfield with multiple stacks of cornstalks

Farm Pond
Slide shows a small pond in the middle of a grazing field, filled with what appears to be sheep

Farm Streams
Slide shows a small stream winding through some farmland. There are some houses in the background enclosed by a wire fence

Slide shows a wide river running alongside a forest

Skidmore Lake
Slide shows an overlook of Skidmore Lake, surrounded by mountains on either side

Lake Shenandoah
Slide shows Lake Shenandoah in the middle of a flat field

Silver Lake
Slide shows Silver Lake with a view of Mole Hill on the north end

Belted Kingfisher
Slide shows a belted kingfisher perched on a branch with a small fish in its mouth

Red-Winged Blackbird
Slide shows a red-winged blackbird perched on a wooden tree stump

Great Blue Heron
Slide shows a great blue heron standing on a rock in the middle of a river

Great Blue Heron's head
Slide shows a close-up of the head of a great blue heron in front of a wooden fence

Canada Goose
Slide shows a Canada goose standing in some plants next to a creek

Canada Goslings
Slide shows some Canada goslings in a small nest made of feathers and twigs

Slide shows a mallard duck swimming in a small body of water

Slide shows a group of mallards swimming in an enclosed body of water. Picture was taken through chain link fence

Wood Duck
Slide shows a wood duck swimming in water

Wood Duck Fluttering
Slide shows a wood duck flapping its wings above the water

Slide shows a killdeer standing in weeds

Ring-Billed Gull
Slide shows a ring-billed gull standing in front of a large stone

Fields and Hedgerows
Slide shows some fields and hedgerows enclosed by some wire fencings

Turkey Vulture
Slide shows a turkey vulture perched on a dead tree stump
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