Rockingham Bird Club's Children's Program Slide Show

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Rockingham Bird Club's Children's Program Slide Show


These slides are part of the Children's Program slide show which used to circulate at Massanutten Regional Library. Thank you to Rockingham Bird Club for these wonderful slides!

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Common Birds of Rockingham County
Slide shows the text "Common Birds of Rockingham County"

Picture of Different Colored Birds
Slide shows a picture of different types of birds in several different colors

Drawing of People Bird Watching
Slide shows a drawing of a man and woman bird watching

Drawing of Kids on a Bus
Slide shows a drawing of the back of a bus with several kids visible through the window

Girl Holding a Camera
Slide shows a girl holding up a Square Shooter 2 Polaroid Land Camera to take a photo

Silver Lake
Slide shows Silver Lake located in Dayton, VA. A farm is visible in the background

Slide shows a kingfisher perched with a fish in its beak

Great Blue Heron
Slide shows a the head of a great blue heron in front of a white wood fence

Great Blue Heron Perched on a Rock
Slide shows a great blue heron perched on a rock in the middle of a lake

Grey Goose
Slide shows a grey goose next to a lake

Group of Swimming Mallards
Slide shows a group of mallards swimming and hunting for food

Wood Duck
Slide shows a wood duck swimming

Slide shows a killdeer

Killdeer's Nest
Slide shows a killdeer's nest with several eggs in it

Turkey Vulture
Slide shows a turkey vulture perched on a tree limb

Turkey Vulture Eggs
Slide shows two turkey vulture eggs sitting among fallen leaves

White Baby Turkey Vulture
Slide shows two white baby turkey vultures

Teenage Turkey Vultures
Slide shows two older baby turkey vultures with black feathers and white heads

Slide shows a crow

Eastern Bluebird
Slide shows an eastern bluebird next to a birdhouse

Goldfinch Feeding Chicks
Slide shows a goldfinch feeding several chicks

Goldfinches Eating from a Winter Feeder
Slide shows goldfinches eating from a winter feeder on a deck

Eastern Phoebe Next to Nest
Slide shows a eastern phoebe standing next to a nest with chicks

Brown Thrasher
Slide shows a brown thrasher on the ground

Slide shows a meadowlark on the ground with food in it's beak

Meadowlark Eggs
Slide shows meadowlark eggs in a nest on the ground

Mourning Dove
Slide shows a mourning dove on the ground

Common Grackle
Slide shows a common grackle perched on a tree limb

Barn Swallow
Slide shows a barn swallow next to a nest with several chicks. The nest is inside a building

Slide shows a bobwhite standing in front of some flowers
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