Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Independence BiCentennial Commision Presentation Slides

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Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Independence BiCentennial Commision Presentation Slides


January 18, 1977


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Collection Items

Courthouse at night
Slide shows the top of the courthouse lit up at night behind several buildings.

Slide shows a river flowing through undeveloped land.

East Market Street
Slide shows East Market Street looking towards the courthouse which is visible at the end of the street. The road is unpaved and has several horse and buggies on it.

Ox Cart
Slide shows two oxes pulling a cart full of hay. In the background is the courthouse.

Horse and Buggies Tied Up In a Forest
Slide shows several parked horse and buggies tied to trees in a forest.

Daily News-Record's Press Room
Slide shows The Daily News-Record's Press Room. Two women are sitting working on a machine. A man stands next to a table with another visible in the background.

Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Slide shows a scanned photograph of the original Rockingham Memorial Hospital. Caption below photograph reads "First Unit of the Rockingham Memorial Hospital--Erected, 1910-1912."

School House With Students in Front
Slide shows a scanned photograph from a book. The photograph shows a school house and with its students in front posing. A man on a horse is visible in the left side of the photograph.

Bank Lobby
Slide shows an empty bank lobby. Teller stations are visible behind two tables.

Sadie Hartzler Library
Slide shows the Sadie Hartzler Library. In the foreground is the Eastern Mennonite College sign and a red book that sits on a stone bench.

Aerial view of James Madison University's Campus
Slide shows an aerial view of James Madison University's campus.

Bridgewater College's Kline Campus Center
Slide shows the enterence to Bridgewater College's Kline Campus Center.

Wood Building
Slide shows an old wood building.

Flyer Titled "Snell & Early Company"
Slides shows a flyer titled "Snell & Early Company." The flyer has a photograph of the front of the store and describes the history of it.

Sullivan Cigar Factory
Slide shows the Sullivan Cigar Factory.

Slide shows several loggers posing on or in front of a building. Three loggers in the middle are holding a saw and several logs are visible on the ground.

Mining Operation
Slide shows a mining operation. There are two wood buildings. Several miners are visible in the slide.

The Elkton Hotel
Slide shows the front of "The Elkton," a hotel designed by famous artchitect Stanford White. Several people are posing in front of the hotel.

People Posing For Camera
Slide shows several men and women posing for the camera. Several houses are visible in the background

Passenger Station, Elkton VA
Caption on the slide reads "Passenger Station, Elkton Va." The slide shows an empty train station which has a single long building next to a covered platform.

Train Along a River
Slide shows a train coming towards the camera. There is a river to the left of the railroad.

Bridge over North River in Bridgewater
Slide shows a covered wood bridge over the North River in Bridgewater.

Mule Drawn Street Cars
Slide shows several mule drawn street cars and their drivers outside of a livery stable.

Postal Carriers Next to Carriages
Slide shows postal carriers next to their carriages in front of the post office.

Timberville's Main Street
Slide shows a busy main street in Timberville on a horse sell day. There are numerous men and horses on the street.

People Posing for Camera In Front of J.E. Beard Store
Slide shows a group of people standing outside of the J.E. Beard store posing for the camera. The store was located in Broadway, Virignia.

John Daniel Campaign Speech on Court Square.
Slide shows a crowd on court square listening to a campaign speech by John Daniel who was running for Governor of Virginia.

Crowd Gathered on Court Square
Slide shows a crowd gathered on court square and are watching an event.

Main Street Harrisonburg
Slide shows Main Street in Harrisonburg. Several people are standing on the sidwalk looking at th camera. Shops and telegraph poles are visible.

J.P. Houck Storefront
Slide shows the J.P. Houck storefront.
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